The 2015-2016 college basketball finals featured several exciting twists and turns and ended on a thrilling 3 point buzzer beater.  The coming season is expected to be just as gripping– and it starts in just a few days.

To find out which addon is the absolute best one for watching college basketball on Kodi, I tested out a handful of sports App to see how easily I could access the channels that broadcast NCAA games:

  • Phoenix
  • SportsDevil
  • Pro Sport
  • Castaway
  • cCloud TV

None of the App listed above had all the feeds, but some had more to offer than others.  Read on to find out which addon you need to watch the game you want to see.

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Before we Proceed

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IPVanish and Kodi

Which TV channels carry regular season NCAA games?

If you want to watch regular season NCAA games, you definitely need access to all the major ESPN channels.  ESPN University (ESPNU) carries a ton of college basketball games, as does ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3.

Unfortunately, I none of the App I looked at had any working feeds for ESPN3 or ESPNU.  However, I found several with working ESPN and ESPN2 feeds.  I also dug up links to a few other channels that broadcast NCAA basketball games:

  • The Big 10 network (BTN2Go)
  • Fox Sports 1 (FS1)
  • Fox Sports 2 (FS2)
  • the CBS Sports Network (CBSSN)
  • the SEC Network (SECN)
  • the PAC 12 Network (PACN)
  • the Electronic Sports News Network (ESNN)

For PAC 12 Network feeds, check out Phoenix

When I tried to find college basketball links on Phoenix, I was pleasantly surprised when i found a long list of links to HD Pac 12 Network feeds.

If you don’t already have it, find out how to install Phoenix for Kodi.  Then, follow these steps to get to Phoenix’s Pac 12 feed list:

  1. From the Phoenix main menu, select phoenix sports.


2.  Next, select one events.  Then, scroll down until you reach the list of Pac 12 Net feeds depicted below.


The first link I tried pulled up a working live video feed of a football game.


Pac 12 Net will broadcast all the games listed below this weekend.  Just fire up Phoenix and open up One Events to tune in.

Friday November 11th:  

  • 7 PM ET: Montana St. at Wash. State
  • 9 PM ET: Pacific at UCLA
  • 11 PM ET: Army West Point at Oregon

Sunday November 13th:

  • 5 PM ET: UT-San Antonio at Oregon St.
  • 9 PM ET: CSNorthridge at UCLA

Castaway currently has a working live ESPN feed

First check out our guide to find out how to install Castaway, then follow the steps below to find Castaway’s ESPN feed.

  1.  From the Castaway main page, click live TV.


2.  Then click


3.  After you’re in ARCONAI, you’ll see 3 options: shows, live TV and movies.  Click live TV, and you’ll land on a list of TV channels.  Then choose ESPN to pull up a working 720p feed.


ESPN is broadcasting two highly anticipated NCAA games this Friday.

Friday November 11th:

  • 7 PM ET: Arizona vs. Michigan St.
  • 9 PM ET: Indiana vs. Kansas

For ESPN2 feeds, check out DC Sports

Castaway has a good high definition ESPN feed, but no working links to ESPN2.  After checking out several different sports App, I was finally able to locate a working one on DC Sports.

DC Sports is now available on Ares Wizard.  To get Ares Wizard, just download the Ares Wizard zip file here and then choose system→ settings → App → install from zip.

Once you’ve got Ares Wizard, you can find DC Sports by clicking the “browse App” button on the main page.


Here’s how to get to the working ESPN2 feed I found on DC Sports:

  1.  From the main page of DC Sports, click live UK/US/CAN sports channels.


2.  Next, click the US/CAN sports channels submenu to see a list of sports feeds.


3.  None of the ESPN1 feeds worked when i tried them out, but the ESPN2 feeds were online.


Here are the three NCAA games you can catch on ESPN2 this weekend.

Friday November 11th:

11 PM ET: Harvard vs. Stanford

Sunday November 13th:

  • 4 PM ET: Chattanooga at N. Carolina
  • 6 PM ET: Canisius at Kentucky

VidTime’s got functional Pac 12, FS1 and FS2 feeds

It’s not easy to find active Fox Sports News feeds, but if you pull up VidTime you can find working links there.  Check out our install guide to find out how to get VidTime.

VidTime’s menu system is pretty straightforward.  Just go to VT TV from the main menu and then scroll down to find working Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 1 links.


VidTime’s ESPN link currently does not work.  However, its Pac 12 Bay Area channel is online– so you can use VidTime instead of Phoenix to watch NCAA games on the Pac 12 Network if you want.

FOX 2 opening weekend NCAA basketball schedule

Friday November 11th:

  • 6:30 PM ET: Lafayette at Villanova
  • 9:00 PM ET: UMKC at Creighton or Beth.-Cook. at St. John’s (depending on region)

Saturday November 12th:

  • 7:30 PM ET: N. Colo. at Butler

FOX 1 opening weekend NCAA basketball schedule

Sunday November 13th:

  • 2:00 PM ET: CCSU at Seton Hall
  • 7:00 PM ET: Robert Morris at DePaul

Use Pro Sport to find live NCAA bball streams on Reddit

If you’ve checked all of the above App and still can’t find what you’re after, you can use Pro Sport to look for NCAA basketball feeds on Pro Sport.

If you don’t have Pro Sport yet, jump over to our Pro Sport installation guide to find out how to get it.  Then, open up Pro Sport and click the [my subreddits] folder.


Reddit users post requests for NCAA basketball feeds in a subreddit called “ncaaBBallStreams.”  So if you click [add a new subreddit] and type in ncaaBBallStreams, you’ll be able to access those links from inside of Kodi.

No working NCAA basketball links on cCloud TV

cCloud TV is on my favorite App to use for watching sports.  Its links usually work and its menu structure is logically laid out.  But when I tried to pull up ESPN this time I was confronted by this screen:


I also found FS1 and FS2 on the list, but those didn’t work either when I tried them out.

Which Kodi App are you using to watch NCAA basketball?

Drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll add your favorite NCAA addon to the list.

  • kevinb4

    Great article. I have been struggling to find NCAA feeds so your article was very useful. Did not know about the subreddits feature in Pro Sports. Have you tried any paid subscription services? Do any give you consistent reliable NCAA steams?

    • Hi,

      We try to avoid paid services for a variety of reasons, so unfortunately we can’t comment on how reliable they are.

  • john_crane63

    All of these are a waste of time you spent more time trying to find the screen and get it to work then you do actually watching the game castaway has been dead for a long time now and sports devil sucks.

    • Sam Cook

      While Castaway’s main functionality has been dead for some time now, and likely will remain that way, its live TV section actually scrapes from several great live streaming sites that do work. As Alex wrote, Arconai is a good one, as well as ShadowNet.Ro. Both are accessible through Castaway’s addon, even if the rest of the addon is basically defunct. As for SportsDevil, I used to share in your opinion of it (you’ll find many of my pieces on here are not kind to SportsDevil), however, the addon has had a bit of a revamp that’s actually made it a better alternative than it was only a few months ago.

      • john_crane63

        Thanks for the info I’ll give castaway a try again but as far as sports devil goes it just frustrates me so much with all the different versions I won’t even try

  • Hal Kufahl

    I too work rather use a free service, but it is a jungle out there. You will need a number of App to get all of the feeds. I am using Vader Streams, it is a pay service, but very reasonable and offers multiple feeds for a single price. It works great!

  • thrust mcnaughton

    I really like the pro sports subreddit option. It was just a matter of typing out naabbalstreams (one time), and then I get several working streams to choose from. I’m not real sure what another user is referring to when he says it’s a “waste of time.” I haven’t tried the others, though. Also, has anyone tried the Players Klub yet? Pretty great IPTV service!