Nemesis is a lightweight, nice looking, simplified Kodi build created by Matt Bleasby.  If all you want to do with Kodi is watch movies, sports games, TV shows and cartoons, this build has pretty much everything you need.

I love the way the Nemesis menu groups its App into 5 easy-to-navigate sections– that’s why I think that Nemesis has the potential become the 1Best Cody build for beginners.  However, it’s not quite ready for prime time.  Some parts of the menu generate errors and the TV guide addon wasn’t working when I tried it out.

Scroll down for our detailed review, or install it from the Kodi UK repo and check it out yourself:

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

How to install Nemesis

Installing Nemesis is a simple 4 step process.

Step #1: Tell Kodi where the install files are

First, you’ll need to point Kodi to the Nemesis installation files.  They are located in a repository called Kodi UKTV.   Navigate to system → file manager add source to set it up.  Once you’re at the add source screen, click where it says <none> and then type in the Kodi UKTV repository’s URL:

Be sure to name your file source so that you’ll know what it is later.  Use something like “Nemesis repository” or “UKTV Repo.”


Step #2: Install the repository

Now that you’ve got a source set up, all you have to do is back out to the Kodi’s main menu and then navigate to system → settings → App → install from zip file → Nemesis repository.  

The zip file that contains the Nemesis source files is  If you click the zip from within Kodi’s addon menu, Kodi will install it for you automatically.

Once the installation is complete, a popup will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step #3: Install the Wizard

Once you’ve got the right repository installed, you’ll be able to navigate into it and look for the build’s installation wizard.  To get into a repository, go to system → settings → App  → install from repository.

The Nemesis installer is located in KODIUKTV Repo → program App → KodiUK TV Wizard.

Once you run the KodiUK TV Wizard, open it up and select Nemesis.  When the build installation is complete, Kodi will automatically reboot into Nemesis.

Nemesis Pros and Cons

Nemesis is a great build for beginners because it’s very easy to use.  It contains lots of useful entertainment App that will help you get access to free TV, movies, music and kids shows.  However, this build’s major drawback is that it seems to be a work-in-progress.


  • Simple menu system.  The main menu organizes Nemesis’s huge bundle of App into a handful of simple categories.
  • Lots of TV App.  This build has almost every single popular streaming TV addon for Kodi except for USTVNow.
  • Lots of sports App.  Finding a working sports feed is always a trial-and-error process.  But Nemesis gives you lots of different sports addons to search through and try out.
  • Smooth performance.  This Kodi build is just about as quick as the base build.
  • Stylish fonts and color scheme.  The fonts are easy to read on any screen.  The black and blue colors look nice as well.


  • The interface looks very nice on the surface, but you’ll find parts of it that could use some work once you start clicking around.  The widgets on the sports menu weren’t working when I tried it out.
  • This build’s TV Guide addon seems to be a work-in-progress.

Skin / Interface

I like that the Nemesis menu system places an emphasis on the content.  If you don’t know much about Kodi, all you have to do is click the widget or main menu button that corresponds to what you want to do.  At the same time, Kodi power users can still easily access their favorite App by using the submenu bar.

The Nemesis main menu groups the App into 5 different categories: TV Guide, Movies, TV shows, Sports and Kids.  As you flip through the menus, DVD cover art appears under the Nemesis logo.


Unfortunately, there’s no settings button on the main menu.  To get to settings, you have to press the S button on your keyboard or the appropriate button on your MCE remote controller.  Also, sometimes the menu leads you to the frumpy looking screen depicted below.


Once you land on the above screen, you have to punch your esc keyboard key or the back button on your remote to navigate back to the main menu.


I loved Nemesis’s logically organized settings menu.  It’s much more intuitive than the standard Kodi settings menu layout.


The Nemesis settings menu doesn’t only look much nicer than the “vanilla” Kodi settings menu– it’s also more robust.  Manually installing repositories can be a hassle using the normal interface.  But with Nemesis’s addons menu, you can quickly pull up a list of repositories from around the web.  From there, you can just click the one you want.

TV Guide

The live TV streams that you’ll find on Kodi are notoriously fickle.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.  The App that come with this Kodi build are no exception to the rule.

If you click the large TV Shows button, an addon called iVue Kodi appears.  iVue Kodi looks nice, but it doesn’t work.  All the channels display a “no program available” message.


You can still watch TV, though, by using the submenus under TV Guide.  There, 12 live TV related App can be found:

  1. UK Turk Playlists
  3. Phoenix
  4. StealthStreams
  5. FilmOn.TV
  6. Zem TV
  7. Pegasus
  8. Project Cypher
  9. LiveMix
  10. Evolve
  11. BBC iPlayer
  12. CCloud TV

Out of all the App under TV Guide that I tried, I had the best luck with Project Cypher.  The Project Cypher menu system is simple but easy to figure out and contains links to several American and British cable and network TV channels.  All of the links that I tried on the Project Cypher menu were live.

On Zem TV, you can find links to streams of Pakistani, Indian and Punjabi TV channels.  ISRAELIVE connects you to Israeli TV streams.  StealthStreams is a paid TV service.  Phoenix used to be quite large and reliable, but currently only the section that’s still reliable is One242415.


The movies button allows you to quickly access 6 popular movie related Kodi App:

  1. Exodus
  2. SALTS
  3. Phoenix
  4. Velocity
  5. Pegasus
  6. The Royal We


Exodus is probably the best all-around movie addon on the list, but the others are pretty decent as well.  Before writing this review I had never heard of The Royal We addon before.  But when I gave it a spin all the links I tried out seemed to work.  The links I tried on Pegasus were also live too, but the menu system seemed a bit awkward.

TV Shows

The TV Show button is a bit redundant, but it could be useful for Kodi novices.  Here you’ll find all the same App as the movie section:

  1. Exodus
  2. SALTS shows
  3. Velocity TV
  4. Phoenix
  5. The Royal We TV

When you click one of the buttons listed beneath TV Shows, you get redirected to the TV section of whatever addon you selected.


The kids section contains 6 different subsections:

  1. Watch cartoons
  2. Animated movies
  3. Family movies
  4. Kisscartoon
  5. Super cartoons
  6. Cartoon8

The kids menu has a ton of content to choose from, but not all of the subsections worked when I tried them out.


Both the “animated movies” and “family movies” buttons link to Exodus menus, so all the content I tried there worked just fine.  The “watch cartoons” section seemed reliable, too.  However, none of the links I tried on Kisscartoon worked.  Also SuperCartoons wasn’t working, either.  Everything I tried to watch on Cartoon8 seemed to be online, though.


The widget section above the sports menu was generating errors when I tried it, but the App still worked.


In terms of App, the sports section of Nemesis is almost as meaty as the TV guide section.  Here, you’ll find links to the following App:

  1. SportsDevil
  2. Phoenix
  3. NJM Live
  4. NJM Soccer
  5. StealthStreams
  6. Castaway
  7. Alpha
  8. Bulldog Streams
  9. Pegasus
  10. Evolve
  11. Extreme Sports

If you’re looking for live sports feeds, the best place to start is SportsDevil.  NJM Live and NJM Soccer generated Kodi errors when I tried to click them and did not open.  Extreme Sports has a nice collection of extreme sports content, including links to rare sports footage like windsurfing, X Games competitions, car stunts and others.

In conclusion…

Though it isn’t perfect, Nemesis is a well-balanced build that’s great for basic Kodi users and novices.  The menu generates errors sometimes, but it looks nice overall and allows novices to find their way around without hiding links to specific App.  In terms of App, Nemesis has the most to offer TV and sports fans.  The movie and kids menus are quite good as well, thanks largely to the inclusion of Exodus.