DirecTV Now customers are venting their frustrations Twitter after experiencing outages and buffering issues over the past several days.

An influx of new customers from DirecTV Now’s anniversary promotion may be a contributing factor.

It hasn’t been just the holidays that have seen these issues, however.  According to, the service has been plagued with outages and buffering ever since its launch in November of 2016.  

AT&T didn’t respond directly but people familiar with the company did report that the buffering was relatively minor, lasting only a minute and that it impacted less than 25% of DirectTV Now customers.  They also claim the problem has been resolved.  

According to Fox4 News, the company (AT&T) has also been shifting several job positions.  They have been hiring more in some areas of the company and laying off hundreds in other areas just before Christmas.  

  • QueenOfTheRun-onSentence

    I experienced some minor problems with my account over the Christmas holiday. I just attributed it to all the people trying out the new streaming boxes that Santa brought them. It wasn’t that bad, but I guess people always need a reason to complain.

  • Scott Willingham

    Last several weeks they have had serious capacity and consistency issues particularly noticeable during prime time viewing hours. They need to get these problems under control quickly or risk tarnishing their brand.