Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix Tax Dies in Committee, but Will It Stay Dead?

Early today the Commonwealth of Virginia’s legislature shot down an attempt to tax streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. Even the legislator who introduced...
Stranger Things on Netflix

The Friday Cord-cutter: Netflix Pricing, Hulu’s Indie Content and More

This week saw Netflix subscribers going up, Comcast subscribers going down, local TV streaming options expand and more news that cord-cutting’s momentum keeps on...
Tablo DVR Update

Upgraded DVR Controls Coming to Tablo Next Week

Tablo owners will get a DVR firmware update next week. The update will add the following DVR controls to Tablo's interface: Adjust Start/Stop Time ...
Sling TV Latino

Sling TV Is Now Available In Puerto Rico

Today cable replacer Sling TV announced that it has finally expanded into Puerto Rico. Dish general manager Reynaldo Pagani said in the announcement that “Dish...

fuboTV Expands Into New Markets Ahead of Super Bowl LII

fuboTV added NBC local stations in seven more markets this week, extending fuboTV’s reach of NBC markets past 50% in the US just in...

YouTube TV Now Available on Roku, But There’s a Catch

At long last, you can now get YouTube TV on your Roku device or Roku TV. Unfortunately, there is still no official YouTube TV channel. Instead, you'll need to use the casting feature.
Sky TV home page

Good News UK TV Watchers: Sky TV is Ditching the Satellite...

Sky TV customers will soon have the option to completely ditch their satellite. Sky has announced plans to abandon satellites and move to a fully online streaming option.
Comcast Homepage

Can Comcast Get You To Sign-up For Internet This Year? It...

Comcast appears to be shifting gears toward internet customers. As the company loses more cable TV subscribers but gains internet customers, cord-cutters may stand to benefit.
Sports on fuboTV

fuboTV Is Now Apple TV’s Top Sports App

Sports-centric streaming service fuboTV is now the Apple TV’s top-grossing sports app. Much of its success comes from combining hard-to-find sports broadcasts with mainstream...
Hulu's 4K Content

Will 4K Streaming Services Make Blu-ray Obsolete in 2018?

Even though Blue-ray sales are up, 4K streaming technologies will likely overcome Blu-ray in 2018. Industry magazine TWICE spoke with executives from Samsung and Sony...


Jelly Comb MINI Wireless Keyboard Review: Thin, Affordable, and Reliable

If you’re a cord-cutter, there may come a time when you need a physical keyboard. Some devices are hard to navigate with a remote...

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