If you’re an anime fan, Kodi is one of your best options for getting all of your favorite anime in one spot. Instead of splitting your time between different websites, Kodi allows you to gain access to some popular services, as well as App that scrape from a wide range of anime streaming services. Although there are dozens of great options, we chose to list only the 1Best Cody anime App in this article.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to help readers access content they already have purchased the rights to access, but are for whatever reason unable to access either temporarily, or permanently. dctalkunite.com does not support piracy and bears no responsibility for what you decide to do with the information provided in this article. Furthermore, please note that dctalkunite.com in no way hosts, develops, or produces any of the software mentioned within this article. We also do not support the use, distribution or purchase of fully-loaded Kodi boxes or other pirate streaming devices. For more information, please see our full disclaimer .

Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

Research Methodology

As we stated in the intro, there’s a large number of Anime Kodi App out there. Many of them cater specifically to anime fans while others have large anime sections. We utilized the following research methods to figure out which ones are the best:

  • Online web searches
  • Forum searches
  • Kodi super repository searches
  • Personalized extensive testing

This allowed us to cast a very wide net. Our list reflects a rather rigorous testing process, in which we analyzed App based on the number of anime offered, the frequency of updates (addons with new season anime took preference), addon organization, stream loading and quality, and of course the option for dubs and subs. Given how many non-Kodi methods exist to watch anime, we tried to give only the App that offered the best experience and make the effort it takes to download and install the App worth your time.

We’ve also taken the time to update this guide to remove App that no longer work. Given the somewhat fluid nature of Kodi App, many popular anime App may no longer be on this list since you’ve first visited this page or may disappear if you come back at a later date. You may also find some App listed here that only existed after we first published the list. Please consider this list a work in progress. If there are any great

Please consider this list a work in progress. If there are any great App for anime that you believe we missed, please let us know in the comments below.

Best Anime Kodi App – Anime App That Work

There are a number of things that can hamper a successful anime Kodi addon. Chief among them are broken links and Captchas. For example, the popular addon for KissAnime used to top our list until the site started using intrusive Captchas that made it difficult to use the addon.

The list below represents App which both work by providing multiple streaming sources, or mirror sites, and that do no use Captchas or other authentification methods that prevent streaming through Kodi.

Funimation NOW


The good thing about Funimation? You’ll have no qualms or questions about the legality of accessing any of the content. The Funimation addon received a major facelift recently and appears to be about as legit as you’ll get from a Kodi addon. The core developer clearly put a lot of work into this one to make it feel crisp, clean, and functional. You can login to your account through the addon, or watch the freely available anime that Funimation offers without an account.

If you do have a Funimation account, using the Kodi addon makes life a bit simpler, since the menu layout is far easier to navigate than on the website or even the Funimation app. You will be losing a bit of the appeal that comes with the site and the official app, however.

You can easily download the Funimation addon using the official Kodi Addon Repository. Simply do the following:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Addons
  • Click on the Package Symbol (top left)
  • Click on Install from repository
  • Click on Kodi Addon Repository
  • Click on Video App
  • Find and select Funimation and then select Install

funimation now

The only clear alternative to this addon is Crunchyroll (reviewed below), which is viable, but less consistent.


anime kodi App

Animego is an incredibly well-developed option for anime fans. As the name suggests, the addon is purely anime-focused. Not only will you find a wide and fully-featured menu system for searching through anime, you’ll also find that this addon provides access to a very large amount of anime: over 500 different shows. You’ll also find hundreds of anime movies here. Our random sampling found excellent load times, little buffering, although with some issues related to quality. If you’re not obsessed with HD, you may want to make this a go-to option.

You can find AnimeGo in the SuperRepo Repository. Click here to learn how to install SuperRepo.

With SuperRepo installed, you can find the AnimeGo addon by going to Addons > Package Symbol (top left) > Install from repository > SuperRepo > Video App > AnimeGo.

Once you find AnimeGo, click on Install. You’ll find the addon with your other video App.



9Anime is the add-on specifically for the 9Anime.tv website. You’ll get the same experience through here as you would get through 9Anime.tv. This addon has also been updated recently to work specifically with Kodi version 17.0 and above, making it far better optimized to work with newer Kodi versions than some other anime App.

Streams load fast, and 9Anime scrapes a few different sources, then gives you a list of the sources where streams are available. It also lets you know what quality those videos are coming in, so you can choose both your source, and your quality, based on what your current streaming needs are.

Note: There is a sketchy version of 9Anime from Cypher’s Locker, labeled Cypher’s 9Anime. This version does not work. Please use only this official version of the 9Anime addon.

To install 9Anime on Kodi, do the following:

  • Click here to go the Github page for this addon
  • On that page, scroll down to where you see “Installing from Repository” and click on the installation link


  • After you install the repository zip file, open Kodi
  • From your Kodi home page, go to Addons, then click on the Package Symbol
  • Click on Install from zip

  • Locate the zip file in your computer’s download location and click to install


  • Return to the screen where you found Install from zip and click on Install from repository
  • Locate the 9Anime Repository


  • Click through the menus to get to 9Anime, which should be the only addon present in this repo. Click on it, then click on Install

You will now find 9Anime among the rest of your Kodi video App.



Click here to access our Covenant installation guide.

The newly popular Covenant Kodi addon is a great addition to your repertoire for more than just movies and regular TV shows. You’ll find a section dedicated to Anime here, and it’s fairly sizable. There’s over 100 anime shows to choose from here, although Covenant does not do a great job of separating out all of the non-anime from the lists. You’ll find a few shows and movies mixed in that are clearly not anime. Nevertheless, given how useful this addon is for just about most on-demand streaming, it’s a good addition and a safe bet.

Genesis Reborn

genesis reborn kodi addon

Click here to access our Genesis Reborn installation guide.

Given Covenant and Genesis Reborn share a very similar code and structure, you’ll find that the Genesis Reborn addon will offer you the same exact menu and anime options that exist in Covenant. This means that if you are using Covenant for your anime and something stops working, for whatever reason, you can try to switch to Genesis Reborn to see if you can get the anime you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you’re having issues getting to your anime in Covenant, those same problems might exist in Genesis Reborn given the similar streaming scraping methods and streaming sources.


exodus kodi addon

Click here to access our Exodus installation guide.

Given we listed Covenant and Genesis Reborn here, it’s only fair that we add in Exodus as well. Exodus, Covenant, and Genesis Reborn are all in the same family tree, sharing the same code structure and, for the most part, pulling the same streams. You’ll find an anime section here as well with the same options as the other two. Your only issue with Exodus is that support for the addon was officially dropped, so it may be less consistent in the future.



Click here to access our Specto installation guide.

As with Exodus, Genesis, and Covenant, the same rules apply for Specto. The Specto Kodi addon is a Genesis fork, works the same as the other three, shares the same menu layout, and offers up anime under the “TV genres” section.

Potential Option: Crunchyroll


Like Funimation, Crunchyroll is a fully-legal option for streaming anime through Kodi, with an addon also available through the official repository. You’ll find that Crunchyroll has also recently received a bit of a facelift from its older version, which at one point was completely broken on Kodi version 17.

The problem with Crunchyroll is that the addon available for Kodi is inconsistent. At times it will work just fine. Other times, you’ll be greeted by an infuriating “Session failed: check login” message. This can occur even when your account information is correct.

Finally, the Crunchyroll addon only works for premium account holders. Free accounts won’t work. That means you won’t be able to enjoy the free anime streams through here like you can through Funimation NOW.

The Great Debate: Are Anime Streaming Sites Trustworthy? Should You Use Them At All?

Perhaps one of the biggest debates among anime fans lies in the very websites that give us access to our favorite shows. Anime is increasingly popular outside of Japan, thanks in no small part to a large number of websites that stream content online. Although the American and other non-Japanse audience only accounts for a small part of overall revenue for anime producers, many are increasingly catering to the growing international market. This includes putting in content that clearly appeals to American fans, as well as working harder to get anime films dubbed and onto major television networks and streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll, and Cartoon Network.

However, many anime fans are currently wondering whether it is still acceptable to stream content through many third party sites, especially when it is well-known that those sites give nothing back to the content creators. Additionally, many third-party anime streaming sites are loaded with advertisements and occasionally viruses. The security of many sites is overall questionable, making many anime fans question using them altogether.

As such, many fans are now turning to using websites that host content legally and give money back to the content creators in Japan, an overall win-win scenario for anime fans. Perhaps the most popular of these right now is Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll works by providing anime fans with two potential options. First, anime fans can access Crunchyroll’s content for free. This free content is ad-supported. Additionally, anyone accessing Crunchyroll’s free content will have to wait a week for new content. However, Crunchyroll also offers a paid version of their website which allows users to gain immediate access to new shows on the same day they air in Japan, and lets users watch all shows ad-free. Crunchyroll charges less than $10 a month for this service.

Given that Crunchyroll works with content creators, who get a share of the profits, many anime fans feel more comfortable streaming through Crunchyroll as a better alternative than utilizing a third-party site which may be pirating the streams and giving nothing back to anime studios and artists.

Other site and services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, all have their own growing anime sections as well. Is it worth the cost of a service plan to use those services to get anime? That fully depends on where you see value. If you do see value in helping out the anime artists and studios back in Japan, we encourage checking out the paid or ad-supported services.

Alongside this, we also encourage you to turn off ad blockers while using these websites. While they likely will not stop your adblocker usage, ad blockers will actually prevent them from making money off of the content and helping to support the Japanese animators who create the content.

That said, if you are using third-party websites to stream content, we fully recommend using the ad blockers with these sites. These sites are often poorly secured, with many of the advertisements hosted on these sites host to any number of malware.

If you do choose to use Kodi App which stream from third-party sites, such as KissAnime, you won’t have issues related to potentially harmful on-page ads or ad placements on the videos.

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