Executives at Amazon see better customization options and improved voice controls as the key to securing the future of Fire TV.

Amazon vice president Marc Whitten, held a wide-ranging interview with Tech Hive. At the end of the interview, Whitten briefly spoke about the future of FireTV.

Going Beyond Linear Video

Whitten cited Amazon’s live stream of NFL Thursday Night Football as a glimpse into a different future. Amazon Prime Video customers in the US could switch the commentary to the British feed. Mashable wrote about the fans’ positive response to Tommy Smyth and Ross Dwyer, who normally announce soccer matches.

Tech Hive’s interview with Whitten closes with this comment:

“I’m most excited about what happens when content starts to change because creators are inspired by what they can do now versus the way they told stories for the last 60 years.”

Amazon’s combination of Fire TV, Prime Video, Amazon Alexa and original programming will likely make it very competitive going forward.

Amazon already works with both major studios and independent filmmakers to produce movies and shows. In the future, Amazon could help creators produce more engaging, customizable content.

More customization features and voice control improvements may give Amazon the edge over platforms like Roku and Android.

Amazon Originals will likely become more immersive and customizable as the future unfolds.